WordPress walkthrough

Hi Judith,

Here is the walkthrough on how to post on the website,  please message me if  i missed key information.

-Yinka A.


To log in, copy this link below into the website address bar. Press enter. It will take you to the page below (picture 2):


Screenshot 2014-11-16 19.04.29

Picture 1

Screenshot 2014-11-16 19.03.35

Picture 2

The log info:

Email or Username: afrocaribekingston@gmail.com

Password: 381brimley

After logging in, you will see the ‘dashboard’. It shows all the information about the website (picture 3):

Picture 3

Picture 3

Write a Post

A post is usually used for things like event posting, announcement, i.e: news update, dinner-dance, Black History Month, etc.

To post, click ‘post’ (highlighted in light blue) on the left part of the screen, and this page (picture 4) shows up. It contains all the events of Afro-Caribe.

Picture 4

Picture 4

To create a post, click add new, the page below (picture 5) comes up.

Screenshot 2014-11-16 19.09.56

Picture 5


Fill in the title, where the cursor is in picture 5. The wording goes into the section below (picture 6):

Screenshot 2014-11-16 19.10.21

Picture 6

For the post to show up on the website, it must be linked to a certain category. Link the post to the desired category by selecting a checkbox in the categories section on the right:

Screenshot 2014-11-16 19.11.36

Picture 7

Insert photos/videos/other media

To insert photo, click the “add media”  icon.  Picture 9 comes up

Screenshot 2014-11-16 19.12.18

Picture 8

To upload files, click upload files (picture 9) and add picture from computer

Screenshot 2014-11-16 19.12.25

Picture 9

Select the desired photo by clicking the photo (picture 10). Select “Insert into post” on the bottom right. the result is picture 11

Screenshot 2014-11-16 19.12.32

Picture 10

Screenshot 2014-11-16 19.12.46

Picture 11

Add a Slideshow

To add series of images into a collage or slide show. Select insert media , but  as in picture 12,  select create Gallery (top left corner)

Screenshot 2014-11-16 19.12.59

Picture 12

Select all the photos for slideshow (picture 13) and click “create new gallery

Screenshot 2014-11-16 19.13.07

Picture 13

The result is picture 14

Screenshot 2014-11-16 19.13.12

Picture 14

Edit Gallery

Screenshot 2014-11-16 19.13.19

Picture 15

Screenshot 2014-11-16 19.13.28

Picture 16

Screenshot 2014-11-16 19.13.37

Picture 17

Screenshot 2014-11-16 19.13.43

Picture 18


Create a Page

Pages are static parts of the website, such as ‘About us’,  Home, Meet the Team, etc.  The steps to create a page is very similar to the Post, the only difference is that  you select  “Page”  (Highlighted in blue on the left).


Screenshot 2014-11-16 19.15.57

Picture 19


Publish a page/post

A post/page must be publish before it is visible on the website. there is no need for category for page, as it will be static. To publish a post/page, select publish button on the right. To save it as draft, select “save draft” to delete, “move to trash”


To see what the page/post will look like, click “preview“, it opens a separate page, as below

Screenshot 2014-11-16 20.08.36

Picture 21




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