Robert Sutherland Memorial Bursary

Awarded to a student entering an undergraduate program at Queen’s University on the basis of financial need, good academic standing, and involvement in and/or contribution to the African or Caribbean communities in Canada.

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 Robert Sutherland was the first Black student at Queen’s University (Class of 1852)  He studied law at Toronto’s –Osgoode Hall and was called to the bar in 1855. Sutherland later set up a practice in Walkerton, Ontario. He became the first major benefactor of Queen’s University when he bequeathed his entire legacy of  approximately $12,000 to the University, at a time when the young university was in dire financial straits. To read more about Robert Sutherland, click here

Alfie Pierce Scholarship

 Awarded on the  basis of good academic standing to a student of African or Caribbean background entering first year undergraduate program at Queen’s University.

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The Legendary Alfie, a Black Kingstonian (1874-1952), an accomplished athlete and lacrosse player dedicated his services and loyalty for more than sixty years to the Queen’s community in different capacities from waterboy, masseuse, mascot, to trainer of the University football team.
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 Afro-Caribe Community Foundation Bursary 

Awarded on a competitive basis to a student of African or Caribbean descent enrolled in an undergraduate program at St. Lawrence College. 
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 Outstanding High School Student Award 

Awarded on a competitive basis to a high school student with strong academic standing, participation in extra-curricular activities and community involvement, particularly within the Afro-Caribbean community.

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Exceptional  Community Involvement – Humanitarian Award

Awarded to an individual who have made significant contributions to the Afro-Caribbean community  in Canada or abroad. Often working behind the scenes, the individual volunteers his/her time and effort to aid fellow citizens. The award also showcases individuals whose compassion and engagement reflect the vision of our organization. Members of the community are invited to share their stories about deserving individuals by submitting their nominations to us.

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