Below are key objectives from our organizational constitution


Increase the number of professional and academics in our communities

  • The organization shall receive and maintain funds to provide for the Alfie Pierce Memorial Scholarship and the Robert Sutherland Entrance Bursary, both tenable at Queen’s University.
  • In addition, the organization shall provide yearly awards to students at St. Lawrence College and to local high school students who have achieved academic and technical excellence and who are in financial need
  • The organization shall promote the value of post-secondary education to students of the African and Caribbean communities
  • The organization shall produce promotional materials to increase the awareness of the organization among the students
  • The organization will work in close collaboration with key organizations, including boards of education to achieve the aims and objectives of the Foundation

Promote Afro-Caribbean culture and foster community spirit

  • The organization shall, at various times, exhibit those parts of our culture associated with food, music, dance and history. Each year, the organization shall decide what area to highlight and how to produce it.
  • The organization shall work in cooperation with other cultural organizations to organize events that promote and foster community spirit