About Us


We are committed to the promotion of  student affairs in our community. We are convinced that these students, like all others, have the potential to achieve academic, technical and professional excellence, hence  our commitment to acknowledge, encourage and support students  to achieve their maximum potential.


November 23, 1996 marked the historic launch of the Afro-Caribe Community Foundation of Kingston and District, with the mandate to acknowledge, encourage and assist deserving students in achieving their maximum potential, provide financial assistance where necessary and to also recognize community members  who have made significant contribution to the community.

The launching was a culmination of two years of preparatory work by a core group of members of the African and Caribbean communities in Kingston, Ontario who shared the same vision as the proposed organization.

The Afro-Caribe Community Foundation of Kingston and District is a not-for-profit organization with a charitable status.


Our goal as a community organization is centred on four key objectives:

  • To promote academic, professional and technical excellence among students of Afro-Caribbean communities
  • To increase the number of professionals and academics in our community
  • To promote an awareness of the African and Caribbean culture in Kingston, Ontario and surrounding districts
  • To develop and foster community spirit

We fulfil our objectives by showcasing outstanding students and fellow members of our community, and providing scholarships  to encourage their academic and professional pursuits. We also undertake community-centred activities by collaborating with several organizations such as KACC to host cultural events.

Contact us to learn more about our organization, we would love to hear from you!